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My name is Zach and I'm the creator of byte sized. I have been making things my whole life. I was fortunate enough to have parents that encouraged me and tried to provide the tools, materials, and freedom to build all my crazy ideas. I spent a lot of time with my dad in the garage building things. As I got older I learned about engineering and how I could make a living doing something I love. With a ton of support from my wife, I slowly worked my way through school and earned a B.S. in electrical engineering. Now I work full time as an electrical engineer, and make YouTube videos on the side. I love learning new things, and sharing what I learn with other people. I firmly believe that everyone is much better off when we openly share our knowledge, experience, and failures with each other.

As an engineer I spend most of my time problem solving and I think that's an extremely important skill. I have learned that complex problems that may seem impossible at first, can be solved by breaking them down into “byte sized” pieces. I hope that my viewers see my passion and enthusiasm for making things, and that it inspires them to make something that they're excited about.

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